Knives, frying pans, gastromax
We provide restaurant items of the highest quality and many items are produced by our own factory in Sandviken, Sweden. Examples of our range of products is for example, the famous Östlin whisks, the desirable Japanese Agora knives, or why not well-known icecream scoops in a quality fighting off most competitors in all categories.
Shakers, corkscrews, bar appliances
The bar, the center of expectations and joy. Appliances for you who are focusing on celebrating guests where joy and personal meetings are blended into amazing colors that will bring out the best out of the customers. Products that are reliable and shine together with your professional appearance. A bar shouldn't only be, it should live. Our products can help you on the way to share a living heart with silver lining exceeding the guests expectations.
Pots, Saucers, Appliances
Here you will find all you need to house the professional kitchen that focuses on that little extra that makes
the chef's work glamorous. And brings the back the pondus for what it really means to be a chef today. We have the best quality available in the stainless steel segment, with ergonomics and design in focus. We manufacture the products with high precision and every little detail in the craftsmanship is carefully thought of. The same love you put in each dish we put in every detail of the product's building blocks.
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Östlin Storköksprodukter AB
Östlin Storköksprodukter AB utrutsning för Storkök och restaurang Poon OS medaljör

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Filip Poon participated in Sweden’s Master Chef in 2015 and became a big favorite among the audience. In 2016 he joined the Stockholm Culinary team Stockholm and twon the Olympic gold in cooking. Filip Poon and many other large and small companies choose Östlin’s catering products. We offer high quality, a sense of detail and personal service. Contact us today and we’ll gladly tell you more.

We offer everything needed for large-scale catering
We have our own manufacturing of balloon whisks, potato mashers and stirrers. Östlins was established in 1946 and with our knowledge and experience we are here to help you find what you are looking for.
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Are you looking for reliable good quality tools for the kitchen? We have a long experience in the industry, please contact us for further help.